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Eugene Scott(non-registered)
Although these phantoms eventually disappeared, Dick was still deeply attracted to them. He was so fascinated that he Test Troxin wrote an 8000-page commentary that he called his interpretation of the Bible. As a science fiction writer, Dick trained himself to imagine every possibility, no matter how seemingly impossible. So his conjecture of the source of the pink lightning is very fantastic. One of his theoretical assumptions is that an alien ran into his mind to symbioses with him and made him telepathically connected with people of all ages. One of them was the Christian revolutionary named Thomas in the 1st century. Dick believes that it is through Thomas that the Roman phantom will appear before him.
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Creative and lovely work!
Madeline Burke(non-registered)
Beautiful work !!
Beautiful work, Diane !
I'm so excited about this next step on your artistic journey. I look forward to seeing your work and watching you grow.
How exciting. Looking forward to following your journey!
Robert K Doi(non-registered)
Congrats and thanks for emailing me your superlative website! Your many artistic creations are awesome, your commitment to support new artists and dedication to promote the art of the dance is highly commendable!
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